Captain Kevin Bradshaw

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FINALLY, a good catch of quality stripers with a boat limit. Left the dock this morning with a light crowd, but those who ventured aboard experienced a day of good fishing. We fished new areas and were quite satisfied with the results, keeping our fingers crossed that this is a new body of bass that will stick around for a while. The weather doesn't look bad for the week, so come and get in on the fun while its happening. Check out our FB page by following the link at the bottom of the page for latest photos.


Our 1st trip was Sat and we sailed with a light crowd. We struggled for most of the day, reading fish and tons of bait on every spot but most of the fish were spread out. We searched all day with unpleasant conditions and finally managed to end the day with several nice stripers. Matt was our happy pool winner with one around 20 pounds. Took Easter Sunday off to spend with family, and was back at it on Monday with only a few anglers and searched what seemed like the entire bay for most of the morning with no success. Tried to net some bait, but that too did not work out and it seemed as though nothing was going right. Made a move late in the day towards home and it payed off. Had some decent fishing on shads and crocs, putting some nice fish in the boat before the traffic got there and ended the bite. By no means good fishing but we landed a decent amount of quality fishing for the anglers on board. Monday and Tuesday were very frustrating to say the least, beautiful weather bringing better crowds, reading the fish and bait in many areas, but the fish would not bite. We used bait and jigs but not much to show for all the effort. On Thursday, we left the dock with a light crowd and a new plan of action. We spent time in the morning netting fresh bunker and were able to get just enough for all our effort. Looked for readings, anchored up and never got a bite, so we made a little adjustment and started to build the fish. It took some time for the anglers to get adjusted, but we put together a decent catch and a ton of missed fish. Geno led the way with a beautiful striper. Overall it was a vast improvement over the past couple of days. We were at the dock in the rain this morning but thee was a lack of "angler participation" so we did not sail. Decided to try netting some fresh bunker, did not work out too well, but we did hit a good striper bite and had a blast. The weather for Saturday does not sound to good, but we will wait and see before making a decision to cancel. 

Our FB page is updated by Jake almost daily, so just follow the link at the bottom of the page for timely reports and pictures.



SEASON BEGINS starting Saturday, April 20

Arrived back at the Atlantic Highlands this afternoon from our winter dock in Pt. Pleasant. As of now we are planning our 1st Striper trip for Sat, Apr 20 at 7:30 AM returning around 2:30 PM. Hope you will join us for what we hope is a good spring Striper run.


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